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Unfair Distribution

I am sitting here in the cafeteria of the office,
Its cool here, and I have bottle of Cold Drink in my hand.
Life at peace ... !!!

Looking outside the window I see, the beautiful scene, lake, hills, trees and some tens of high buildings and shopping mall.
There is hot sun pondering heat outside, but we are comfortable in AC buildings.
Everybody seems happy from this place ..... !!

Below that construction is going on,
Women are moving bricks, cement and sand, Men breaking the stones.
I can see their bodies shining due to sweating
There must be some one sick or week enough to do that work.
Thought which comes to mind is,
Is this the society, is this the system.
I am feeling more healthy than them, stronger than them,
Instead of those women and those lean workers, this work should be given to me.
Place at which I am sitting, should be given to them.
I feel myself more fit for that job
Do I really NEED and DESERVE that, what society is giving me.

The supervisor or someone other comes and orders them to do it quickly.
For whom they are doing this much effort, not for themselves.
Some rich industrialist will come and buy that, He will employ some of them as security guards or peons there, again to scold them.
And we, sitting in the beautiful building with all the facilities, doing a little work whole day,
for whom?
for some industrialist who will make money out of it, again invest, employ some of us and again the cycle will repeat.

In the mall we visit often, there are several restaurants,

We prefer MacD burgers because they are comparative cheap.
How much?  53 Rs
Our cheapest choice of having a taste is the daily salary of someone, and this is cheapest.

Security guards and sweepers of mall work whole day to serve us
they serve whom, the people who will again put them in the same position of serving.
It is the hardwork of these people which allows this so called mall development, and what they are given back nothing, they are making something which will add to their misery.
Their hardwork is of no use, they cant even buy one burger for their kids.

Coming back to the hostel in an auto-rickshaw, often i see some old person going on bicycle, or some women with 2 kids walking, or some workers sweating after whole day's work walking because they do not have enough for getting some vehicle.
I am feeling good, done nothing whole day, I am fit and I am using this vehicle.
I am more fit for walking.
who NEEDS this more, me or them?
who DESERVES this more?

should I offer this auto-rickshaw ride to them, and start walking.
No, others sitting in this auto, will make fun of me, and will protest. so lets continue with what is going on.
But still the thought is how unfair is the distribution.

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Dreams of Dreams

the Everlasting dreams
dreams of joys
dreams of funs
dreams of toys
dreams of guns
dreams of dreams
the dreamiest dreams

you love in dreams
you fight in dreams
you dance in dreams
you fly in dreams
you live in dreams
you die in dreams
the everlasting dreams
dreamiest dreams

Is that you who dreams
or someone is dreaming you
or god cherishes his dreams
puppets are just me and you
I woke up in my dreams
my spirit still dreaming inside you
dreams my dreams
the everlasting dreams
the dreamiest dreams

It will rain if you put the fan on 5

It is strange that never knew  how  we were in our childhood or what we have done at that time

the age of innocence,
the age in which we had  our own little world,
with a belief that we could  do anything
with our strangest attempts and funniest deeds

I feel myself lucky that I still remember a lot of that time.

I was in K.G. or 1st class that time (I remember this because we shifted home, when I came to 2nd standard )
It was the month of April or May.

At that time my mom always put the fan on 3 or 4 (numbers on regulator)
And when I found it hot, I always used to ask mom to put in on number 5.
But mom (lost against my insisting) said "It will rain if you put the fan on 5"
And I used to give up after this argument.

One day I came from School (they leave kids at 11am)
The room was on first floor.

Then mom went to my neighbour's house for something.
I was feeling hot and I thought i should give  it a try, let us see if rain comes or not.

I came near the door and dragged the chair, when I was climbing on that, I saw outside.
There were washed cloths on clotheslines.
As that was summer season, they were almost dried now.

I thought if it  rained , then these cloths would  be wet again, wasting all the efforts of my mom to wash them.
I dragged the chair outside below the clothesline and removeed  the first cloth, then went inside and  put that on bed, came outside, dragged the chair, removed 2nd cloth, went inside, came back again, dragged chair ......
... and after some effort I removed all the clothes.

I dragged the chair back to the room, below the switchboard.
I climbed up, rotated the regulator and
To my utter surprise I saw darkness outside
sun was gone and clouds were there.

Now I was frightened, If mom came to know about this she would  scold me. !!

I rotated it back to 4, then dragged the chair outside, below the clothesline, went inside, brought one cloth,
put that on the line, (it was very tedious as i wanted it to look the same as earlier)
i went inside, brought another cloth, dragged chair further and put it on..
after sometime, all clothes were on the line.
then I thought they are not in the same order,
I tried to put them in position,
and while doing so I realized ... sun had appeared again from quite sometime now.

Now I was relaxed.
I went inside, climbed on the bed and I was happy with number 4 now.

:)    :)    :)    :)
This incident has just  occured to me , I never told this to anybody, It was just in my faint memories.
Although now I am publicly sharing this ... before I forget this !!

HSS Dance .. by Sonal Nimbkar Madam

If you ask anyone, which course you liked most in college life .. especially from students of IIIT Hyderabad, they all will look at you like you have asked which one you like most osama, saddam or Kasaab.
Few of them will say C programming, data structures etc which they learn in first year,  the age of innocence and sincerity.

But I'll say Dance, yeah the course under Humanities skill set courses label.
Taken by Sonal Nimbkar madam In first sem.

What she taught us was ‘what’ is dance, not 'how' to dance.
In the first class she just said everyone to walk with their eyes closed first normally
And then walk in a different manner, different style.
 I usually try to walk with eyes closed many a times so this was not a problem, I tried but after 7-8 steps, i felt like i was walking like a blind man.
She asked "Aman, you are not taking it seriously", I said no mam "I am serious."
Then i explained that i do this many a times so it was like this.

In next class she made us play dumb-charades on animal names instead of movie names. We had to act like them and producing their sound was allowed.
I got "bat" to act upon. I tried by doing acting and showing black colour, it was easy so everyone guessed.
But when i came back, Akshay mani told me that you could do this by showing cricket bat.
Oh ya!! i though, I was lost in that game, that i forgot about winning it that way.

In next class she gave a stick, ask all of us to sit in a circle, everyone has to come in the middle and do something different with that:
someone used that like cricket bat, someone used it like pen, badminton racket, hammer, flute, straw, screw-driver, meter rod, key board, broom, water bottle and many other different things.
We just came to know that there is enormous creativity inside everyone. 

In next class same thing was done using a piece of cloth.

In one class she asked what you saw in dream last night, just tell us all, without using your tongue.
Everyone was showing something, the scene was divine.
It was so beautiful that i could see what the person in front of me dreamed last night, and surprisingly everyone was doing this very enthusiastically and skillfully.

 After every class students asked mam when will you teach us dance, she always replied this was dance.

Best thing was that I didn't know there will be grading in the course.
Until 14th of January, when the results were declared.

I got A grade :)

the learning part

I enjoyed the course no doubt but why i was able to enjoy the course, I got the answer in 3rd year, when i took "Education and Self" course.

Whatever we did she said this is dance. We all were happy, because that dance was ours, it came from with in.

We came to know about meaning of dance through that course
Had she taught us the history of dance or bio-psychology or the well defined steps of dance, she wound be teaching us the ‘why’ and ‘how’ part, which we may not have enjoyed that much.Knowing the ‘what’ part itself gives a delight to study it further.

Everybody though it is just a pass or fail course. While some of them enjoyed the course, others didn’t even show interest in it. But the thing was that every class we attended was full of fun, because there was no worry of grades, and cramming up things before the class. Every class we attended with a fresh mind full of creative ideas. This just shows how the modern education system has put this component out of the the learning. It was totally unbiased learning. :)

What is Life

A sphere with two poles
              poles of birth and death
A span of goals
             a trajectory follows

A drama of someone's dreams
             may be satan's may be god's
Have to play the rolls
             of angels or daemons for their dolls

A path to glory
          A path with holes
Ontology of knowledge
          Interaction with souls

Spirit buried deep
          deep inside joles
Heart pumps blood
            only for boles

How I reached hyderabad after Diwali

festival time.........
I thought to go to home, booked ticket with Tatkal Scheme and reached Home sweet home :)

I had ticket of Doranto Express
Departure time - 3:50pm from H. Nizamuddin railway station.

At 12:05 pm I took Intercity express from Rohtak and to my surprise it took just 1 hr 10 min to reach Old Delhi railway station.

Time - 1:15 pm
Place - Old Delhi railway station

I crossed 6 platforms to reach inquiry and it says next train to Nizamuddin/New Delhi is at 3:45 pm

two most important stations of Delhi and no connecting trains !!!!!!!!

Delhi Metro !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah i thought, i smiled and went to Chandni chauk metro station.
Again hell
just two ticket counters were open out of ten, and a queue of 50 persons was there,
I have enough time, i thought and after a long long time i got the token.
It was 1:50 and i took metro to New Delhi railway station.

Time - 2:15 pm
Place - New Delhi Railway station

After walking some hundred meters and going through two security checks, i entered the railway station.
I inquired and finally saw an EMU train standing on platform number 3.
I rushed and when i was on the fly over, train started.

And i missed that. :(

Then i came to know that next train is at 3:30.
I thought not to waste time and reach Nizamuddin by road.

I came out of New delhi Raiway station and saw a brand new Green colored bus written H. Nizamuddin Railway station on it.

Someone told me there that it will take just half hour.
its ok with me.
I took the bus it was 2:40 then.

Now came the biggest surprize of my life.
After 5 minutes Driver announced

-"Bhai, kisi ko raasta maalum ho to aage aa jaye"
(If anyone know the path, come to me)

I was shocked
everybody was shocked
My ear drums came outside, they wiped their eyes and crying, they again settled into my ears.

Public Bus driver don't know the path!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now people started murmuring and what they said :
- Its all due to cwg
- No today obama is in Delhi na, tats why
- No actually today some routes are changed
- no actually some signboards are changed due to cwg
- This driver is drunk

Then one old man went to the driver and bus again started but after 5 minutes, that man got out from the bus.

Now driver was helpless like us.
somehow somehow asking here and there, we reached Nizamuddin station.
It was 3:45.

I rushed in and found train is on 6th platform.
I ran upstairs and the train started.
till I reached platform 6, even the last bogie was not visible. :(
I missed my train. :( :( :(

I was sweating now. :(
it was 4:00 pm.

I ran towards station master's office and asked what to do now?

He suggested, go to New Delhi railway station and request TT of A.P. express.

A.P. Express !!!!!!!!!!!
yeah good option

I rushed outside again
and asked an autorickshaw, he said he will take 500rs,
I said 50
na 70
I said 50
ok 60
I said 50
ok done

we started journey and it was composed of all red lights,
yeah bad luck never comes alone.

somehow at 5:20 I was at New Delhi Railway station.
I asked station master, he said don't waste time, go to ATM, have some money and take the train,
Ok i said
and ran outside,
ATM site was free, and with in 2 minutes i was back with 1500 in ma pocket.

I went on flyover and
it was consecutive 3rd time,
I was up and train started.

I ran hard but still
I missed A.P. Express too. :(

Cursing my luck, and fully wet in sweat i went to station master again.
He advised to go to Nizamuddin station and try for next train
Dakshin Express.

oh shit, dakshin express
it is the last option in everybody's list.

This time i thought to stick to railways and waited for an EMU.
After 1 hr, i was in train and after 15 minutes further, I was at Nizamuddin station.

Now I was fully tired and almost shivering,
I put the heavy luggage on a seat and
my mind was saying, go back home, today is not the right day for you.

But i rested ma body for a while, dring one full bottle of water and ate all the food i took from home.
Although it took 45 minutes, but now i was in my body away from all thoughts.

Then i went to station master's room again and asked what to do now.
After 1 hr of requesting, he said if i'll give him 5000 bucks, he will arrange for some VIP seat in dakshin express.
I had neither that much money nor the will to spend them on journey if i had that!!!!!!!!!

I came outside and asked the reservation officer what to do?
After 2 hrs of requesting he took me inside reservation hall and discussed matter with other guys.
till then one person came with charts and all were lost in that.
after 2 minutes all said, sorry we cant do anything,
broken down, looking at earth i started walking,

suddenly i turned and asked, please check again can i get it till nagpur or bhopal.
All gave me looks and again lost in the charts.
then one person stood up, gave me a form to fill and asked for 500 rs.
I was givan a confirmed seat in sleeper coach till Nagpur.

I came outside and I was smiling.
It was 10:00pm
I seated on my berth and just slept.
Yes, I slept instantaneously.

I woke up next day at 11am, a nice sleep of 13 hours,
Then at Itarsi station i requested TT.
In 200 rs he agreed to extend my ticket till hyderabad.
And he said, I am just giving you ticket, not the berth,
so after nagpur, i have to leave this berth.

But after nagpur, a nice uncle-aunty came to that seat and they had just a single seat.
God sent 3 people to the seat made for one.
But the aunty arranged a seat for herself in next compartment.
and I was left with uncle only.

Uncle said their son is studying in Hyderabad and preparing for IIT-JEE.
here my college name helped me and uncle said, dont worry we will share the seat.

finally after that long night at 4am I reached secunderabad. :) :)

this journey was memorable due to co-passengers too, but that will take lot of space here, so skipped those parts of journey :)
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I see god in you

    Theorem of love
     Aman Bahl
                    Published on 20/09/2010 on 

Problem statement: 

Dialog of SRK in "rab ne bana di jodi" .....

""oye !!! dard !!!!!
Pyar to rab di meharbani hai ji, to pyar me kaisa dard, aur rahi baat pyar chahne ki, to pyar sirf pyar ke badle thode na kiya jata hai
ab dekho.....
mujhe aap me rab dikha to mujhe aapse pyar ho gaya.....
aap ko kisi aur me rab dikha aapko us se pyar ho gaya,....., its very simple ji""

How !!!!


A famous saying "Only god will see your intentions, rest all will judge you by your presentations"

Theorem explanation:

This means all whom we love, are judging our intentions.
Whatever we do and whatever people will say about that, they will understand us.

loved = {parents} U {teachers(only those whom you love :P)} U {babies} U {oldies} U {friends} U {girl friends} U {boy friends}

NOTE : {girl-friends} and {Boy friends} are disjoint sets

All of them are god (as all say)
you love them all
because ""......................(lots of answer and lot of crap)..........................""

After this theorem
because they understand you.
You need not to worry what they think, you have synchronization with them.
They are god, magical eyed people who have sixth sense to feel our eyes, heart and words.

Some solved Examples:

1.) Take a baby and throw him/her in the air.
he/she still smiles because he/she understand your intentions.

2.) Abuse your friend, he still won't slap you, because he knows you.


1.) Don't slap your profs to check this theorem.

2.) Don't throw oldies in the air.

I love you coz i see god in you.

Some unsolved questions
Then what is love in first sight?
1.) Rab ne bana di jodi
2.) One sms forwarded to me by my friend

 *written in BC way, but it has a deeper meaning*
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